First Novel

Novel Nine O'clock debuts in March 2020

Her first novel is a realistic fiction called, “NINE O’CLOCK,” currently in the cover design process. Here is a synopsis of the cozy drama.

DR. LAUREN CARSTON is a thirty-eight-year-old Psychologist practicing at a behavioral health clinic in a fictitious Oklahoma city. Individual therapy sessions are depicted with authenticity, insight, and humor. Dedicated to her profession and happy with her personal life the idea of, “things feel right,” surfaces. A crisis call from her office finds her on her way to work at the opening of the book when she becomes involved in a three-car accident. It is then she meets TRAVIS WINSLOW, Mr. F150, who weaves his way into her life in the following days. Experiencing dizziness, nausea, and vomiting she takes herself to her primary care provider and is diagnosed with a concussion and told to rest for a few days. Unfortunate events at work and home prevent her from complying with the doctor’s orders. Stealing precious alone time with her ex-military copair, JAKE BUTLER, and his retired K9, GUNNER, her effort to balance home and work eventually erodes when her nine o’clock client is killed.

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The editing phase is interesting. First, the mentor of our Write Nite group suggested ‘every novel needs a romance and a murder.” Taking that to heart, I included a little romance and a murder in my first book. Then I hired an editor who suggested I delete two separate but entire chapters from the story. I paid for the advice so I followed it. Here’s hoping the final product is smashing. (I’m wondering if anyone would care to read the two deleted chapters??)

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